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Unexpected emergencies, need to buy something but you’re short on cash or need to pay your phone bill before it gets disconnected. These are just the common scenarios that make people shout for help, “I need money, NOW!”

While there are many loan companies that offer fast loan approval and give the loan needed today, a bad credit score keep them away from borrowing. Need Money Today understand this concern and we are here to help people get back on track so they can build their credit score again, not trap them in an endless string of debt.

Hassle-free Loan Approval in a Matter of Minutes

Bad credit score? No problem. Just follow the steps and you can have your money right now.

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No Obligation Application

Fill out our online application form without paying anything.

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Fast and Easy Approval

We approve your loan in a matter of minutes without additional requirements.

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Direct Account Deposit

After the approval, we deposit your loan directly to your account.

The Need Money Today Advantage

Need Money Today aims to help people who need cash immediately, and we don’t want you to keep waiting. We’ve been helping millions of people get the funds they need and a chance to take control of their financial future.

What makes us different than other loan services?

  • 5-Minute loan application process
  • We save you the hassle of filling out long forms

  • No hidden fees or paperwork
  • With Need Money Today, you don’t have to guess what you’re getting into. Before you hit the send button at the end of your application process, we will tell you everything you need to know the terms of your payment options.

  • Safe online application
  • Our site is protected by SSL and other security technologies so you don’t have to worry about sensitive and personal information getting stolen. Our application has been verified by the top security solutions.

  • Dedicated customer support
  • Our customer service staff is ready to answer any questions you have about your loan. We make sure that you get the right information you have fast, just like the loans you need.

  • Easy repayment options
  • We won’t burden you with impossible repayment options. Our aim is to help you build your credit score again so we created low repayment options based on your income.

Build Your Credit Score with Us

Our clients at Need Money Today are honest and hardworking people who need a simple and affordable loan. A lot of our borrowers are in need of loans fast but have limited options. However, we provide an option that helps them achieve a better financial future.

After the approval of your first loan with us, we will reward every on-time payments you make. We make this process easier for you through auto payments from your account. This our way of reminding you that every prompt payment you make means a better credit score. You can also earn credits at the end of your loan with every on-time payment you make.

Money in a Wallet

Your Best Option

With Need Money Today, you don’t have to wait for weeks for your loan approval or get caught in the vicious cycle of impossible loan repayment schemes.

Apply for a loan in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We also know the agony of waiting for weeks so our loan approval is only within 24 hours. What more, we put into consideration your entire financial profile allowing us to approve your loan application even when banks close their doors to you.

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For all your concerns and questions, you can rest assured that one of our team members can help you out should you have any issues with our system